Lỗi Enter Your Username And Password For The Following Server Outlook 2010


At times, Outlook can prompt a user lớn re-enter their email password for an trương mục established within. This can occur as a result of a change in the password, expired session data, & more. Below are the steps one would take to correct this issue:

A user of Outlook can experience the issue of being prompted to lớn re-enter their e-mail account password with the dialog box below. The user would want khổng lồ enter the correct password in the Password: field for the specified tài khoản then check the box for Save this password in your password list.

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If the steps outlined above does not resolve your issue và the password box continues lớn appear, follow the steps outlined below:

Close Outlook.

Open Control Panel by going lớn Start/Control Panel


In Control Panel, Select the Mail icon if you are in small or large icon views. If you are in Category view, you will access the Mail icon under User Accounts và Family Safety



After selecting the Mail Icon, The Mail cài đặt dialog box will appear. Select Email Accounts within the dialog box.

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After selecting the account you wish to update the password for, the Change Account wizard appears. You will want khổng lồ re-enter the password here then select Next. A Congratulations pane will appear, be sure lớn select the Finish option to lớn preserve the changes.

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If the issue still continues to lớn occur, you may want lớn perform a disk clean-up on your PC lớn purge any old session data that Windows may have retained. Steps for this process can be located here. After performing a disk cleanup, repeat the steps outlined above.